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Tanta la musica che accompagna gli exploit di Margo in Europa. Qui sotto trovate tutte le canzoni che avete sentito:

Overture – Idgy Dean
Tiny Houses – Glacier
Lights in the Sky – Jonathan Fletcher
Younger – Tinker Material
Jack of Hearts – Abel Okugawa
Lemuria – Tom Bromley
Get on your Feet – Shanky Faces
Sherbet Colors – Alex Rose
Film Noir – The French Connection
Runaways – The French Connection
Jazynka – Idgy Dean
Subdivide – Tinker Material
Geographia – Blake Ewing
Let’s Talk – Chuck Fay
Flames – Time to Run
The Indian Squirrel Dance – Idgy Dean
Grasp Mts – Teen Girl Scientist Monthly
Peak Experience – Abel Okugawa
Resonate – Tinker Material
Community Life – Abel Okugawa
Septendecim – Distant Youth
Curiosity – Kevin Graham

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